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  • True Utility Scarab Key Ring Multi Tool
    A modern tool with an ancient shape Scarab's unique contoured folding-handle design makes it both comfortable and compact. Includes serrated needle nosed pliers and wire strippers, Phillips screwdriver, knife, file, and flat head screwdriver.
    NZ$ 36.95
  • Scanpan Spectrum 3 Piece BBQ Set - Red
    This 3 piece BBQ set in striking red includes a Multifunctional BBQ tool, Scraper & Tongs.
    NZ$ 49.99 EA
  • Weather Station
    A traditional wooden weather station with thermometer, barometer & hygrometer suitable for wall-mounting. Size: 40cm high x 17cm wide.
    NZ$ 199.00 EA
  • Catch 'Em & Cook 'Em DVD
    We all go fishing for a numbr of reasons, to get into New Zealand's stunning outdoors, to share some good times with friends and family, and of course for food. In this DVD Matt sets out to catch some snapper from the beach, to spear some flounder and even demonstrates how easy it is to catch your own fresh bait and you don't even need a boat. Matt then takes us through how to care for and clean fish, and finally prepare some very simple no-nonsense fish meals.
    NZ$ 39.99
  • Art Maker Chinese Brush Painting (Portrait)
    The ancient and stunning art of Chinese Brush Painting has been around for over 6 000 years but learning it has never been easier or more desirable than with this beautiful kit. Budding artists can join multi-award-winning Chinese brush-painter William Cai as he guides you through seven step-by-step artworks, including the traditional beginner paintings of the '4 Gentleman' of Chinese Brush Painting: bamboo, plum blossom, orchid, and chrysanthemum. Learn how to make more complex and spectacular masterpieces like a panda family or a sweeping landscape! Beginners and experienced painters alike will be creating tranquil and expressive wall hangings in no time!

    What's Included
    traditional black ink
    two specialised brushes
    large sheets of rice paper
    5 paints
    a 48-page instructional book
    NZ$ 34.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Avanti Beer House Bottle Opener with Jar Cap Catcher
    Opening your bottle of chilled craft ale has never been easier and cleaner with the Avanti Bottle Opener with Jar Cap Catcher! Simply pop open a bottle without fear of the cap falling thanks to the handy jar attached.

    Beautifully crafted with cast iron as the opener and a rustic wooden back for incredible aesthetics, this bottle opener will surely be an eye-catching and helpful addition to your kitchen.
    NZ$ 24.95
  • Avanti Whiskey Rocks - Black Granite Set of 9
    These Avanti whisky rocks are cut from black granite and will chill your favourite spirit drink without diluting it.

    Includes velvet storage pouch.
    NZ$ 25.95
  • Avanti Whiskey Rocks - Quartz Crystal Set of 6
    These Avanti whisky rocks are cut from high quality quartz crystal and will chill your favourite spirit drink without diluting it.

    Includes velvet storage pouch.
    NZ$ 25.95
  • BBQ Timer Bottle Cap Opener
    Opening your bottle of chilled craft ale has never been easier with the Avanti Bottle Opener!

    This unique bottle opener is crafted from natural wood that will gook great hung in your BBQ area. It features a retro cast "Open Here" opener that is durable and will work flawlessly for years to come.
    NZ$ 19.99
    Out Of Stock
  • Dreams & Reality Change Box
    This Dreams & Reality box from the Change Box collection is perfect for anyone with big dreams! The fun design has an oversized ‘Dreams’ compartment with beach design and a small green ‘Reality’ compartment for you to watch your savings grow. The Dreams & Reality design is a unique and fun gift or a great way to collect and save coins for whatever it is you dream of.
    NZ$ 37.99
  • Gardening Utility Set
    This handy gardening secateurs utility set features 5 tools in 1 - simply fold back the handles to reveal an array of hardy stainless steel tools: shears, knife, stem stripper and saw plus secateurs. It comes in a handy pouch which can be attached to your belt for easy carrying.

    This is all you'll need for gardening. Great as a gift or keep for yourself!
    NZ$ 29.99 EA
  • LitezAll 8 in 1 Multi Tool with LED Flashlight
    Two of the most searched for items in your home or tool box are flashlights and screwdrivers. LitezAll has combined both into one great product. Now you have access to 8 different screwdrivers plus a bright front facing LED flashlight and a rear focused flashlight.

    The screwdrivers all fold conveniently into the flashlight and securely lock into place. To use a screwdriver, select the type and size and simply fold it down and lock it into place. Fold it back into place when finished. Perfect for any toolbox or vehicle glove box.
    NZ$ 19.99
  • Vin Bouquet 6 Piece Professional Cocktail Set
    This professional cocktail set contains everything you need to make delicious cocktails at home, all safely stored in a convenient equipment roll.
    NZ$ 129.99
    Out Of Stock

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